Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Investment company

Crypto, Bonds and Properties

Stealth Capital Holdings Ltd. optimizes the Investments in Bonds and Properties with great carefulness to risk vs. return. Therefore, the Company’s Investment Strategy is to obtain a diverse portfolio of bonds and properties.

The bonds are in general chosen with respect to maturity and market liquidity – and always only officially rated bonds, while the properties are chosen with respect to location and return.

Accepting the fact that the world might not develop in the way that anyone had expected is a difficult but necessary element of investment life. By acknowledging this fact, and taking into account the uncertainty when executing the investment strategies, the Company aim for generating an attractive, long-term risk adjusted return.

By structuring the correct portfolio of bonds and properties, basic economic theory applies the optimum portfolio is found – showed by the Capital Allocation Line (CAL) in the above figure. To structure that correct, is the key of the Company’s successful Investment Strategy.